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janice hahn with a famous name is favored over craig huey, after a red seat turned blue in upset new york last may republicans would love to take one back. dan sner from university of southern california and recovering political strategist, used to work on the republican side of the aisle. nice to see you, thanks for getting up early. >> thanks for having me, chuck, i appreciate it. >> i want to start, this ad got on the radar of a -- this campaign got on the radar of a lot of folks in washington because of what was an outrageous independent expenditure tv ad, probably as negative as we've ever seen. i'll show as much as i can here in a second. take a listen. >> in an insane effort to reduce gang violence, januaice hahn hid hard core members to be gang intervention specialists. she even helped them get out of jail so they could rape and kill again. >> working with janice hahn. working with janice hahn. >> congress has enough gangsters. janice hahn, bad for l.a., bad for america. >> look, the ad tries to portray janice hahn as a stripper, as all of these racial and sexual overtones to it.
huey is trailing 8 points behind janice hahn. but it's also given rise to the most ostentatiously racist political ad of the year against janice hahn. you may have heard about it because the words you used to describe it are linked. black men, gang members dancing with guns, eventually stuffing money into the bikini bottom of the democratic candidate. there's also a lot of threatening swearing of the gang member guys with guns. the republican candidate running in this contest, it should be clear, did not run this ad. this was done by an outside group that's not yet disclosed its donors. there was a complaint that the republican in the candidate illegally cooperated with the ad, both the group and the republican candidate are including collusion. no mistaking this ad is designed to be provocative and get attention by virtue of how offensive it is. in this case, mission accomplished. lots and lots of national attention to the case, to janice hahn. he then focussed his own attacks on hahn on the issues highlighted in the racist ad. someday we'll know who the donors are from the group
, mostly from the bay area, are still missing, including frederick hahn's father-in-law, don le, from san ramone. >> he organized these events and everybody you would see on that boat was either a family member or a close friend who he's known at least 20 years plus. >> reporter: family members of the missing just put together this facebook page. it includes flyers with pictures of the missing fishermen. >> our hope is that they have found themselves on an island somewhere, one they haven't searched yet. they have expanded the search radius due to the current. >> reporter: coast guard officials tell hahn that it is possible that those missing could be found alive. simply because of the temperature of the water. the water is estimated to be about 85 degrees. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. >>> new video just into the newsroom. look at this, it's a massive dust storm as it rolls over phoenix. believe it or not, this isn't unusual in arizona, but is one of the largest ever seen. the wall of dust towering over sky scrapers. witnesses say it's some 50
. including one that makes some salient points about congressional candidate janice hahn. >> in an insane effort to reduce gang violence, janice hahn hired hardcore gang members with taxpayer money to be gang intervention specialists. she even helped them get out of jail so they could rape and kill again. ♪ >> give me your cash, bitch, so we can shoot up the street. give me your cash, bitch, so we can buy some more heat. give me your cash, ho, so we can get out the-- give me your cash, ho, cos we uh! >> stephen: i know that ad may seem racist, but if you look past the racism, there's also a real message of misogyny. [laughter] but to the weak minded, that ad is very effective. for instance, they got me to play it on national tv. [laughter] this is why i want my own pac, to make ads like this only less responsible. [laughter] and folks, i may get what i want. because tomorrow at 10 a.m the federal election commission will rule on whether or not i can haz super pac. [cheers and applause] [laughter] yep! [cheers and applause] it's all in the hands of the fec. jimmy, can we see the commissi
huey, is trailing eight points behind the democrat in the race, janice hahn. but it's also given rise to the most ostentatiously racist political ad of the year against janice hahn. you may have heard about it because the words you used to describe it are linked. the ad shows black men as gang members dancing with guns, eventually stuffing money into the bikini bottom of the democratic candidate. who was portrayed as a pole dancer shaking her butt at the camera. there was also loi at of threatening swearing of the gang member guys with the guns. the republican candidate running in this contest, it should be clear, did not run this ad. this was done by an outside group that's not yet disclosed its donors. there was a complaint that the republican in the race illegally cooperated with the group that did the ad, both the group and the candidate are denying any accumulation. -- any collusion. now, when this appears at the end of your ad, there is -- yeah, including that fine print there, there's no mistaking that the ad is designed to be provocative. it is designed to get attention by vir
candidates collectively raised about $35 million during the same period. >>> democrat janice hahn has won the race to fill a vacant u.s. house seat in southern california. hahn fought a hotly contested race against a republican opponent. the vacant seat was previously held by jane harman who resigned earlier this year to head the washington think tank. hahn, who is a los angeles councilwoman ran and lost against gavin newsom. >>> opening statements start today in roger klemm men's perjury trial. the -- roger klemm men's per -- roger klemm mon's perjury trial. clemens maintains he never used performance enhancing drugs during his record-breaking career. >>> today, the treasury department is expected to announce a change in how savings bonds are bought. for the first time in 76 years, the paper bonds will no longer be sold at banks and at credituneiance. instead you will have to buy them -- credituneiance. instead you will have to buy them through the fresh itry direct t -- through the treasury death. >>> a u.s. berkeley graduate spends a second birthday in an iranian prison. the event his
on your screen. >>> tonight on our great american panel. democratic strategist, chris hahn. radio talk show host mary walter. he's senior editor of the daily caller, jamie weinstein. great to see you guys. >> good to be here. let's start with bubba, back in the news. >> president bubba to you. >> our 42nd president and national treasure has made comments this week sizing up the gop field. >> i think he's quite an impressive man. he's refreshingly kind of -- comes across at nonideological conservative, but nonideological, practical. governor romney is doing a better job this time than he did four years ago. comes across as more relaxed and more convicted about what he did do. less willing to be forced into apologizing for it. i'm not surprising by how well michelle bachmann has done. she comes across as a real person. all those foster children she has taken in and the children she has raised. >> bill clinton totally in his element talking presidential politics. chris hahn do you think it is appropriate for a former president of the other party to be chiming in on the gop field this earl
. >> it's a slow moving nightmare. >> reporter: hahn says his father-in-law loved to fish and this annual trip was always a top priority. >> my father-in-law, a great man, loves his family and he loves his friends and loves fishing like you would not believe. >> reporter: hahn says the family is holding out hope that all of the men are still alive including don lee and his close friends albert mine, russell bautista and jean leon. the others missing include mark dorland, sean shattuck and brian wong. >> they are all close friends, family, friends, some related by marriage but basically it's a big friend trip. >> reporter: han says his family is doing the best it can under the circumstances and is in touch with both u.s. and mexican officials. >> we have been reassured by the u.s. consulate as well as governor of mexico that they are going to expand their search. >> reporter: the family has put together this missing persons poster which they are tributing in mexico through other -- distributing in mexico through other fishing groups an along the shoreline where the men could have come asho
of the special election held july 12, 2011, the honorable janice hahn was elected representative to congress for the 36th congressional district, state of california. with best wishes i am. signed sincerely, karen l. haas. the speaker: the house will be in order. we will not proceed until the house is in order. for what purpose does the gentleman from california rise? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that the gentlewoman from california, the honorable janice hahn, be permitted to take the oath of office today, her certificate of election has not arrived but there is no contest and no question's been raised with regard to her election. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. will representative-elect hahn and the members of the california delegation present themselves in the will of the house? -- well of the house? and will all members rise and if the representative-elect -- the representative-elect can raise her right hand? do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, t
harmon will stay democratic with democrat janice hahn defeating a conservative republican challenger, the contest where an outside group ran a spectacularly racist ad against janice hahn. over the past 12 years, there have been 192 elections in which the republican party has tried to take a california congressional seat out of the hands of the democrats. 192 straight elections. of those 192 elections, democrats in california have won all 192 of them. over that same period, seven of california's congressional seats that were republican have gone to the democrats. california in terms of federal office is very, very deep blue. somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ f
california yesterday, the seat of jane harmon will stay democratic with democrat janice hahn defeating a conservative republican challenger, the contest where an outside group ran a spectacularly racist ad against janice hahn. over the past 12 years, there have been 192 elections in which the republican party has tried to take a california congressional seat out of the hands of the democrats. 192 straight elections. of those 192 elections, democrats in california have won all 192 of them. over that same period, seven of california's congressional seats that were republican have gone to the democrats. california in terms of federal office is very, very deep blue. oh no! a dead battery... you're not going to make that meeting... the kids are gonna miss their game... and you could be stranded for hours! hi, i'm lou lentine. a dead battery can happen to anyone-- at any time-- at any place-- that's why i brought you the mighty jump! no more tangling with dangerous, old fashioned jumper cables! the mighty jump may be small, but it packs the power you need when you need it most! it will quick
, the seat of jane harmon will stay democratic with democrat janice hahn defeating a conservative republican challenger, the contest where an outside group ran a spectacularly racist ad against janice hahn. over the past 12 years, there have been 192 elections in which the republican party has tried to take a california congressional seat out of the hands of the democrats. 192 straight elections. of those 192 elections, democrats in california have won all 192 of them. over that same period, seven of california's congressional seats that were republican have gone to the democrats. california in terms of federal office is very, very deep blue. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. we inspect your air filter, cabin filter. there's bugs, leaves, lint, crud. you'll be breathing that. i do believe it's part of a locust. make sure your alignments good. your brakes are good. you've got all sorts different things that you check off. your fluid levels. pret
it and grab some water. " here is his son fred hahn. here is what they plan to do if he is not rescued by then. >> we are preparing for the fed to continue search efforts in the event the 96 hour search effort comes up and they choose to operate as a recovery situation. >> the conditions are very good, not only because it is a great time of year but the water in the pacific ocean in the area that the boat capsized, there were 2 mi. offshore. the water is about 84 degrees. the coast guard is helping with the search, the navy in private fisherman. hopefully we will have a live interview with fred hahn as well as the daughter of don lee. for now, back to you. seven >> 04 a.m.. we want to check in with james and a look at the weather to see when things will start heating up. we are in for a cool down. >> take a quick look about out from the san jose camera. conditions are steadily getting better and better. we have sunny skies and san jose. let's walk you through our web the headlines. low clouds and fog primarily along the coast. this afternoon, sunny and warm. inland's highs will be low-mid- 90s
's right. democrat janice hahn won a special election in the los angeles area last night to serve out the remaining term of representative jane harmon who left the house to join a think tank. and she actually beat republican craig huey by a 10- point margin in the 36th district. hahn is a former l.a. city council member who lost a bid for the lieutenant governor's job last year. >>> all right. 5:20. and milk does the body good but how does it work on pms? the new milk ads that are stirring up controversy. >> for all the men out there who want to know. >>> netflix tests customer loyalty. the big new fee you will have to pay for instant access. ,,,,,,,,,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mou
and what was a nasty race in california, janice hahn beat republican craig huey in a special election judging by the democrats reg station advantage, that 9 point margin of victory was tighter than it should have been. steve israel is chairman of the democratic campaign committee. i'm sure you've got the football mentality, winning isn't everything, it's the only thing here. you won. but why was this closer than it should have been? >> well, look, this is a democratic district but it has never been a slam dunk democratic district number one. number two, i agree that the fact is a win is a win is a win. janice hahn ran on protecting medicare. she ran on not accepting republican proposition that we ought to end medicare in order to fund tax cuts for big oil companies and that is why she won. these a great candidate. she will be a great member of congress. second, this is consistent with the strategy we em employed from day one, we'll go on offense against republicans who are on the extreme right and we will defend democratic districts and we are 2-0 in that proposition. we won a republi
your apartment sustained a lot of damage. >> reporter: it was student hahn's apartment. he says a plumber accidentally started the fire after using a torch in his apartment. >> i am kind of shock right now, i don't know how to react. >> reporter: he told us he lost everything in his apartment and he will have to stay with relatives. firefighters had a tough time putting out this fire. >> a lot of black smoke out there. really tough to get and find. when it gets in the walls and it's traveling in the walls and ceilings it makes it very difficult. >> reporter: this woman arrived distraught to her home. she said she was returning from a business trip. reporting live here in san francisco, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a bus involving a crash in san francisco claimed the life of a doctor today. 52-year-old psychiatrist kevin mack was riding in a shuttle that was hit by a big rig. the bus appeared to run a red light. two others were taken to san francisco for treatment. >> we've had a number of crashes in this intersection. in 2007 there had been a report that this was one of th
christopher hahn is a former hate to chuck schumer, and radio host chris plant of the chris plant radio show. welcome. chris han, what'd you make of that exchange? is. >> well, you know, it's always a contentious exchange, and it is true, it's been the number one talking point, where's the plan? what's the written plan? in america many a deal has been struck on a handshake, sketched out on the back of a napkin that has served our country well. [laughter] and i am sure that john boehner's well aware of the numbers that the president's putting forth. when he says he wants $4.7 trillion in the cuts which should be everything that the tea party faction of america wants, you would think this would be good enough. unfortunately, what the tea party really wants is to damage this president, and that's why they're holding out, and they are going to hold this country hostage. time for us to just invoke the 14th amendment and move on because these guys will not negotiate in good faith. martha: all right. chris plant, you know, chris hahn makes a point there. the president and john boehner talked in gre
quicker from d.c. >> brenda: all right. toby? >> well, professor hahn, the economic person he is miss add couple of points here and the first one is that the small business person unless they happen to be in the bridge construction business, could care less about this. the second part, we have small businesses who sell to american cities and countries that are basically u.s. based and ones that sell outside. the ones selling outside the united states are doing okay. what we're talking about are small businesses that sell in america and america, they're worried about what their cost of business, what their cost of overhead is going to be and until they get that settled, why hire people when they can fire people. >> the suppliers who supply these large companies, who produce bridges and tunnels and roads will be employing people. >> but, we have 14 trillion dollar economy. 14 trillion. a 500 billion dollar boondoggle ain't going to do it. >> brenda: let me ask jonas about this? jonas, what do you think? is this the way to get small businesses to hire? why aren't they hiring? >> because they
. >> this is something that was second nature to them. >> but mandy lee hahn says she had a bad feeling about her father's trip. >> i did make a phone call to him on his way to mexico and told my husband that i had a weird feeling that something was going to happen which is why i made the call. >> 37 tourists and crew survived including gary wong of san francisco. >> this guy was yelling for help, help me, help me, i was like oh, god. >> a san diego area man who rescued several of the survivors thinks the warm water could keep all of the others alive. >> everybody down there did everything they could physical looking and looking and spending days looking and i pray to god there isn't somebody left out there on an island. >> the missing include brian wong. don lee, al mean, are yo are yl bautista, gene, mark shallack and mark dorland. >> there is a lot of shoreline there not close to major highway so there is a possibility they are on land. >> in the water there is a 96 hour window of survival. we a little more than 24 hours to go. don lee's daughter says it is her understanding the group would not be s
. joining us is chris hahn, a former aide to chuck schumer and chris plants. good to have you both here. there is the back and forth on this. chris, lets me start with you. the president says -- and we all know, congress has not put forth a budget. in 800 days they haven't produced the thing that's their number one job to accomplish. but president dojts have a strong record of taking this on. >> it's a difficult issue. he pit together this commission. there was a mechanism that if that got a certain amount of votes it would have went to congress for votes. it didn't achieve that with people like paul ryan voting against its. i believe in the deficit commission report. i believe some of those recommendations if not all of them should be taken up by congress and vote on. but that said, it's congress' job to pass a budget. we are at the point where we have the debt ceiling which is usually a ministerial acts which is gone effectively. ronald reagan raised the debt ceiling 17 times when he was president. all republican leaders have voted again and again to raise the debt ceiling and they ma
bingham, bing for short. it's his middle name we love, it's hahn, so welcome bing hahn bellamy. back to you in new york. >> welcome to all the harpers. >> a new friend. >> george, we were thinking about going with the boots but thought it would be too obvious. >> brad didn't even go for boots. maybe he'll put them on later. >> we're on our way back to lauren. in the ever so fashionable "good morning america" yetup. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want you to know about. as you head outside your door, likely you'll deal with heat in the middle of the country. eventually catches up with us on the east coast. one of the nicest spots to be from the mid-atlantic all the way into new england. that area of high pressure builds up in the middle of the country. one place that will not get more heat, it is a rainy start to the northwest. tapers off, the showers, by the time you get towards sunday, first part of the weekend not so nice. quick look at your flyby. you need rain, i know you don't want it on the weekend but you've been part of the drought. texas, oklahoma, ar
's carol hahn is live in our washington, dc newsroom, as lawmakers remain deadlocked. carol? >> reporter: good morning, claudine. let me take you live to the u.s. capitol right now, where you can see for yourself it's been a fairly quiet morning. that's about to change. in half an hour, lawmakers in the u.s. house head back to work after the drama last night. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: that's when every single lawmaker from the bay area, all democrats, voted against the republican debt ceiling plan, but it wasn't enough to stop the gop from getting enough votes to pass it. the plan raises the government's borrowing limit in two stages. the second contingent on congress passing a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. shortly afterwards, the senate rejected it and democratic leaders introduced their own plan. it gives the government enough money to pay the nation's bills through the end of next year, and republicans are already panning it. >> our democratic friends here in the senate have offered no solutions to this crisis that could pass either chamber, not one. >> repo
got off with who. there was no time to put a life jacket on for some people. >> reporter: fred hahn is the son of law of lee. lee helped organized the annual fishing trip and is among those who have not been found. >> they are saturating the water with air, planes, boats. >> reporter: mexican authorities say 37 people who were on the sunken boat have been accounted for. friends confirm les yee did not survive. now more than 100 volunteers have teamed with the mexican navy and the coast guard who believe there's still good reason to be optimistic that the missing men can be found alive. >> visibility, weather, conditions, air temperature, water temperature is ideal for survivability. >> reporter: this poster contains the names and photos of the missing including batista who's wife told can, tvu just how tough the waiting game has become. >> very difficult. it's just very, very hard. it gets harder as time goes on. >> reporter: the coast guard told me that c130 plane should be wrapping it up plane at least for today right about now. we're also learning more about the company that owne
. >>> michelle back hahn has made fighting same sex marriage one of the issues of her political career. now there are new questions about the christian counselling center run by her husband, more cause bachmann. the allegation is that michele bachmann's husband's therapy center counselled people, treated people to try to turn them from being homosexual to be heathrow sexual. what political fallout might be there be? i assume the answer is different with the republican primary versus the general election? >> i think for republican primary voters, the most pragmatic folks may blanch about this. they were not going to be for her any huas. if those folks would be concerned about these kind of reports, they are the kind of people that are going to be working to stop her anyways. as for other grassroots conservatives, it probably won't bother them. i think many the big picture this does capture why so many establishment republicans don't want her to get the nomination. there is this kind of fodder when you're talking about swing voters in a general election that very cliche but the suburban phila
received. michael finney has the story tonight. >> this hahn had been rubbing into one dead end after another where nowhere else to turn. he contacted 7 on your side. michael peters lives in a cramped studio apartment, receiving free rent from a friend. the purple heart recipient has a pulmonary condition and hooked up to an oxygen machine. he applied for social security, receiving this notice awargd benefits. he was to start receiving checks, $561 beginning march, 2010. >> contacted social security numerous times. each time, i was told they would reissue checks and have it sent to me. and... i never got it. >> benefit checks for months started to come the following month but march check continued to be a no-show. >> i was caught in a circle. and it was just nothing could be done about it. >> social security tells us it did reissue a check to michael but came back as undeliverable and could not explain why subsequent checks were able to get to him. 14 months would pass, just one month short of his stint in the vietnam war. that is when he contacted 7 on your side. >> i guess we found
still without electricity. the two main roads in seoul which run along the hahn river. there has been traffic chaos, cars have been stranded and homes have been flooded. we understand there's 12,500 people that are trying to help, rescuers, military, police and also public servants. 5,000 of those are in seoul alone. certainly the rescuers are trying to find anybody who is still missing. five people still missing at this point but they're hoping for better weather to be able to carry out that rescue effort in a more conducive fashion. we had a few hours lull in the rain over lunch time but torrential rain has returned once again. the meteorological agency hoping that at least by friday, it will have eased. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. >>> just amazing pictures there. the question is, is there any relief in sight for south korea? meteorologist jennifer delgado is at the cnn weather center standing by. how's it looking? >> things are improving but the problem is, we're talking about so much water across parts of north and south korea it will take a while before we see a vast improvement.
over by a work hahn a few minutesing ago? >> reporter: it is planted. it's going to be gone tomorrow. the nbc elm and you realize -- here's a little anekt dote, we named it chet. it's the nbc elm. >> got it. we'll let you figure it out. >> thanks a lot chuck, i think. >>> with me now wyoming republican senate. senator, please indulge us, we are all in mourning for the elm tree that we've lived with for all these years on the white house lawn. i think it's been there since the founding of the republican. let's talk about the deficit and whether or not the republic is going to survive this deficit summit. republicans have said that it has to be revenue neutral. if they agree to any loophole closers overall it has to be revenue neutral. at the same time your fellow wyoming resident al simpson and of course mr. boles laid out a very aggressive outline for future deficit reduction which did include significant taxes down the road. it doesn't have to be triggered immediately while the recovery is still sort of limping along. what is your position on taxes and where we go at this deficit su
. >> the home belongs to don le, his son and law fred hahn just arrived. he is staying with his mother-in-law to make sure her motions are in check. i did speak to the family, they're very emotional, but they still believe there are survivors of their including one man who returned home late last night, he is the owner of the yellow jeep. his name is norsk mar, he returned at 10:00 p.m.. -- his name is bruce mar, he returned but when straight to walnut creek. he was so retired. price family of donnelly has released this you to the video showing that all of the men the glove and fishing and have a lot of experience going out there, this is from a previous fishing expedition. don lee organize this trip a year ago in order to bond with his friends. >> authorities in watsonville are trying to figure out why a plane went down-a hospital. here is the town of watsonville. there is the airport and the runway that the plane took on from and then crashed into the hospital. we have the video from the scene where the plane went down. trade remains of the plane, to people inside the aircraft were
to there and i'm anxious about it, to be hahn wes you. >> joe walsh, peter welch, very good of you to be with us today. >>> we are following some breaking news. we're just getting this out of norway. look at these new pictures. after a loud explosion shattered windows at the government building in oslo. several people are reportedly hurt but the norwegian news agency says the prime minister is safe. we don't know any other details about this but we'll keep you posted as they come in here on msnbc. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal workers union. ♪ >>> some new accusations this morning that news corp. executive james murdoch lied before parliament about the phone hacking at the "news of the world" newspaper. >> when you signed off the taylor payment, did you see or were you made aware of the transcrip
it or did he go too far. christopher hahn is a former agent to chuck schumer. chris plant is host of the chris plant radio show. they join us every week. chris and chris. good to have you here today. >> good to be here. martha: there is politics underlying all of this too. let's get to the heart of the email and whether or not it was appropriate or in appropriate. chris plant let's start with you, what do you think? >> it's entirely appropriate. it's about time a republican stood up and swiped back at these vial and despicable accusations that democrats level every single day of the week, and obviously debbie wasser shan schultz can dish it ou but she can't take it. this is the woman who said that republicans are literally trying to drag us back to the days of jim crow and i think she should apologize for that. the president actually claimed that republicans are going to try to balance the budget by depriving, the said the gop vision for america would have children with autism and down syndrome fending for themselves. they make kpherbgss of paul ryan-like figures throwing old wome
hahn and she won that election tuesday night. on wednesday, the commission put out a visualization of a hypothetical district gave respective district that would shut -- throw janice hahn into a district with henry waxman so welcome to congress on tuesday. now run against henry waxman on thursday. >> welcome to california. [laughter] >> watching california commission has been, has been really really amazing for someone who focuses on insider congressional baseball. if only because of this really brave new world. it is the largest laboratory of reform in the country and redistricting right now, and redistricting california's like trying to partition a melting pot. you have given her hats the most complex redistricting job in america to a group of people who were selected in part by -- sending in their resume. and the result has been a 14 member citizen commission that is earned plenty of criticism from the outside for, for example, picking a mapping firm that republicans argued had ties before two democratic perspectives. but i give the commission and watching their meetings even if
have this morning christopher hahn, democratic political strategist and a former aide to new york senator chuck schumer. amy is president and co-founder of the new agenda and didi banky is a republican political strategist. good morning to all of you. we'll start with you, is this sexist? >> absolutely it is. they're scared to death. let's talk about history here, president obama got recent history wrong when he talked about the medal of honor winner and it was -- he said it was not posthumous and it was. now that's a mistake. >> he did apologize to that family. but why is it sexist? >> it's sexist because it's wrong to have a double standard for women. they're tougher on women and there's no doubt about it. they're scared to death. they're concerned about the republicans, michelle bachmann and sarah palin and sarah palin could very well run getting more of the women's vote and they probably will. >> why, amy, are the mainstream media for the most part so tough on conservative women in particular? >> well, it's actually all women. you know, this is amateur hour compared to wha
report 112-144 by the gentleman from missouri, mr. con hahn on which further proceedings were postponed, and on which the noes prevailed by voice vote. the clerk will redesignate the amendment. the clerk: amendment number 10 offered by mr. carnahan of missouri. the chair: a recorded vote has been requested. members inport of the -- support of the request for the recorded vote will rise and be counted. a sufficient number having risen, a recorded vote is ordered. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a two-minute vote. two minutes. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the chair: the yeas are 173 and the nays are -- the chair: on this vote, the yeas are 173, the nays are 247. the amendment is not adopted. the unfinished business is the request for a recorded vote on amendment number 1, printed in house repo
to hold off a congressional seat in california. democrat janice kahn defeating businessman huey. hahn winning by 10 points in a district where the democrats have a 10-point edge. it shows a sizable number of people breaking with the democratic party there. in a moment she'll walk free in only four days. but she may cease to be called casey anthony. why one of the most famous faces in the country may get the witness protection treatment when she leaves jail. alisyn: chaos in the courtroom. police draw their weapons to restore order here. bill: there is one person surging and that person is not even a candidate. karl rove on the 2012 field and whether we may see the big change in all of that. ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care abt and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit alisyn: this is a convicted murderer getting a taste of vigilante justice from
there is some struggle over the past. now i will turn to ms. hahn for a question. >> i'm wondering if you can describe what the reaction is within the coptic community in terms of, or the working to perhaps change some of their own perceptions, you know, how we can bring our daughters back into the communities, some of the long held stigma that might be attached to that? and also if you talk about how are they going about trying to find dollars. i hear from all of your statements that there's very little cooperation with the police. but what other ways, are there any other ways that this sort of banded together to try to protect their community? >> i would just be interested in what sort of response there's been because of the increase in these incidents? >> the more information that gets out about the story, the stronger the families in the community are able to be. because it dispels the myth of shame. it dispels the myth of isolation. and, therefore, in hearings such as this and other reports such as my fellow panelists, there's value because it forms, it informs the coptic community that
the shoe, not just in the back. and this is a cole hahn shoe. >> these are very comfortable? >> i can wear these all day to work. >> even though the feet are up libling that? >> i can. it looks like they are very high, but you get a lot of height in the front of the shoe. >> i would like to talk more about feet, but they are telling me to wrap it up. when we come back, much more. some fun ideas on what to buy for the soon-to-be mommy, new mommy, or a mother in general. we'll have that story when we come back. first let's take a look at some of the events going on around town. stay with us. >> our next guest is here to zpuss animal wear. >> our pets are always important members of our family. when we started aniwear, we wanted to also help animal rescue. with every purchase, proceeds are donated to animal rescue. aniwear is for kids up to 6 years old. you can even -- >> what else do you have? >> we have the hats. we can go to t-shirts. we have these towels. >> they are incredibly soft. >> and they come in a whole bunch of different animal hoods. one for infants and one for toddlers. grandma
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